嫖虫記畫 Ladybug Project

In the beginning of ladybug project, I invited a performance artist to do 8 parts videos to give explanatory for 8 different key words of my origin installation work Draw 1.0 .
The thing is referring to artworks are built up with some abstract concepts, and these selected words are the concepts form my perceptions. I think these words provide sense of imagination for thinking about what make us to see something as an artwork?

8 parts of videos:
Obscure   Domino   Shield   Veil    
Costume   Camouflage   Spectacle   Screen

D-shirt is an art work shared the same concept with my installation work “Draw1.0”. They are talking  how can something become an artwork. And D-shirt for Ladybugproject involved another layer's thinking- is the price or the value main key to open the art-identity? D-shirts are artworks with more affordable price(compare w the ones in the gallery). When it's made of fabrics and looks like a t-shirt, also in a lower price, would people trying to know much better about it and collect it as an artwork?

This artwork has golden-mirror-like frame and includes 8 individual keywords printed on t-shirts with silk screen printing. Each one is limited edition of 111 pieces and with certificate. The Owner can either wear it, hang it, or make your own choice of cutting off the label.

You're very welcome to be part of Ladybugproject , dm to get your D-shirt.

︎2019 Ladybug project

︎2020 Ladybug project

︎2022 Ladybug project

Workshop- making you own romantic form.


Workshop project with a florist, workshop members picked up a form and copy it by drawing. The form regarded as a container for flower arrangement. The florist expressed specific theme by
arranging flowers while members observing the finished work and arranging their abstrated flowers into their forms drawings. Members’re miggling their feelings, views and sensations on the paper forms, finally made their own florist as romantic forms.

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